Monday, July 22, 2013

A Word with Mynah, Princess of Crete

Today we are speaking with Mynah an ancient who sees our world in a different light.

Tell us, Mynah, what impresses you in today’s world?

I have watched the future unfold for several millennia and I must say the new technologies in today’s world might have saved my own.  You see, my world ended when natural disaster struck and no one was able to defend my homeland against those that wished to conquer weaker civilizations. Now my descendants must take me to my home to rest with those that ruled before the end came.
What do you find the most intriguing? 

I’m sure I would enjoy an I-Pad and texting looks like a great way to tell the admiral of the fleet where to sail.  Father certainly might have kept better track of my brothers and their escapades with a cell phone.  Of course the new fangled transportations people use today would make our fleet appear to be almost standing still.  I do see though that many ships still sail the oceans near my home and take much less time getting from one place to another without sails or slaves to row them. 
How would you use today’s communications devices?

I hope my descendant, Caralynn, uses the tools available to her to find me.  I find it hard to make her hear my telling her what she should already be seeing in her research without a way to text her.  I can enter her dreams but she is not as astute about dreams as we were in my time.  Dreams came to the profits of the living God travelers told us about to foretell future events.  And dreams also came to those who ruled the masses as a way of influencing their decisions.  In this neo-modern world dreams are not given time for reflection to discover their true meaning. I suppose it is because people are in too much of a hurry to realize their dreams are often a reflection of what their real desires are in life.
Do you believe we will have an opportunity to visit again?

I do not believe another audience will be granted.  It is my deepest desire to join those who ruled the Minoan Culture and take my rightful resting place alongside my father and grandfather and those who entered the eternal journey before me.  My hopes rest with this latest daughter of my line to complete the expedition and bring my bones to rest in eternal peace.
Thank you Mynah and may your daughter succeed in the quest.

This will be a guest blog in August as part of the Author Tour with "Pump Up Your Book" on-line publicist company.  I am looking forward to the internet connection with readers of a Christian based historical/fiction/romance genre.  Brimstone and Water the quest to bring a soul to rest.

Happy Writing and Happy Marketing to All!