Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Neo-Modern Connection - Reaching the Electronic Reader

The small royalty check was delivered to the post office box and deposited into the business account – now what.  Marketing is slow, difficult and sometimes discouraging.  It would be easy to give up but the book is a good story ready for reading enjoyment.  So on to a new way of marketing, a new way of reaching the reading public, a new way to let sales be made.
While being a guest in the bricks and mortar world of books is thrilling and allows for one-on-one communication with the reader, it is also a small part of the market as cyber marketing emerges into the neo-modern connection to page turning on a screen.  Today’s books are in a race to reach a fleeting moment when a finger slides across a display that disappears virtually before the eye is able to notice the cover.  It’s time to connect with the electronic devices that even grandmothers are learning to use.
The answer for me is an on line PR agency to promote Brimstone and Water throughout the United States and beyond.  The internet reaches every corner of the earth making it possible to publicize to a diverse audience using my own writing style as a guest blogger as a beginning.  It also means being ready at an email’s notice to write another blog or answer interview questions.  In the meantime another story begins to form and it’s time to do the research while still trying to negotiate a contract for the previous completed manuscript.
A vicious circle one might say – but then writing is an adventure that waits to appear on the page and marketing is the mountain to be climbed to make the adventure successful.  Cyber marketing goes beyond the email blast, beyond the phone contact, beyond the book store signing event; it means committing to being available each day to do the writing needed for the promoter to successfully present my work to the reading public through guest blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the list goes on. 
While all of this takes place the blog needs to be fed to keep interest going and my writing to be remembered and sought by those viewing the blog.  It’s time for each evening to be devoted to writing, writing and writing.  It’s time to buckle down and write that magazine article that’s been floating around in my thoughts; and then to sell that article and see it appear in print for public appraisal of the article’s worth. 
My goal is to have the reader remember my name and seek out the articles and books because they found one item that caught their attention and search to find more.
Just as I reach out to publicize my work – I encourage other authors to do the same.  Each genre is looking for the next best seller, but without marketing the best works won’t be found. 

Happy writing – and – Happy marketing!!