Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It has been some time since I posted about writing; in fact, it has been too long since I’ve written anything new.  I cannot blame it on anything except simply not wanting to sit down and put some effort into creating in the past few months.  I think I have the rejection blues to blame, which means I only have myself to blame for being lazy and not pushing forward.
Return to Nineveh, a sequel to my first novel—They All Fall Down—simply is not getting off the ground.  While the publisher of my first two novels is offering a contract, it means a financial outlay that I want to avoid.  On the other hand, the editing process with them helps polish the work into a viable product and the editors challenge the author to do their best work.  It also means a support system is in place from the time of editing to as many events as I would like to have to promote the book beyond the release date. 

I have to admit that I find the editing process the most difficult part of writing a novel.  I did pay to have an editor go though the manuscript and believe she did a most adequate job of correcting grammatical errors and helped to bring the story into line for the reader.  (I know what is going to happen and how; however, the person reading the story does not and should not have to struggle to keep up.)

In the meantime, I have started the next part of the series to They All Fall Down.  My publisher has brought new life to the novel, with helping to schedule events and working to publicize them by sending press releases in the area where they will take place.  I have an event in Kalamazoo on the South Kalamazoo Mall at the Cassa Café in less than three weeks (June 14, 11a.m.—1:00p.m.).  I’ve only done one other café event when my husband and I were in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in early 2011.  I also had events in Foley, Alabama while there for the winter.

But back to writing, I do not know how many, if anyone, will read this post; but I am asking for your prayers and encouragement to make the right decisions about Return to Nineveh and to have the desire and energy to move forward to the next part of the series.  World War II was a long and arduous journey for all concerned and changed our world forever.  The history is fascinating, and the plethoras of stories that can be written around it are plentiful and filled with a sense of how people survived in a time of aversion toward other nations.  The numbers of movies made, The Monuments Men is a good example, about the time are numerous and still being produced today.

So, now it is time to put pen to paper, as the saying goes, and stop procrastinating to get the next novel into the computer for consideration.  I hope the characters understand and will be forthcoming as the story unfolds.