Monday, March 25, 2013


It’s been some time since I wrote a blog entry.  The winter has been filled with travel, meeting new people and having opportunities to present “Brimstone and Water” in new cities.  While it is great to have your book being seen a thousand miles from your home, it is also difficult to advertise without doing the proper research for radio, television and print for the area.
Timing is also a significant factor when planning an event this far from familiar traditions.  Mardi Gras is a perfect example of when not to plan an event in the Gulf coastal regions.  Being from the north I think of Mardi Gras as a New Orleans event but that is not the case.  The celebrations take place all across the Gulf coast which encompasses several states.  With so many events related to Mardi Gras already on calendars from parades to dinners and balls a book signing/presentation is low on the list of events to attend. 
That said; it’s time to think ahead and plan for the next time a presentation/signing event is scheduled. 

1.   Confirm with the organization the date and time of the event.

2.   Request the name of radio stations, television stations and newspapers in the area

3.   Request the event be posted on the organizations WEB site at least one month in advance

4.   Coordinate with marketing to schedule interviews about the book and event

5.   Continue to place reminders on Facebook, twitter and Google the place, date and time of the event.

The bottom line is do not give up but learn from experience what will make the next event a large success and bring our work to the readers’ attention.  You notice the word readers’ has the apostrophe after the letter S, because we want several readers to notice our work, not just one.


Until the next time – Happy Writing