Monday, July 2, 2012

Brimstone and Water Excerpt and Author's Note

Caralynn saw the familiar figure walking in a garden where butterflies flew on gentle breezes and landed on the leafy branches of flowering trees and shrubs.  It was a woman, her subconscious decided, walking along the narrow pathway.  She turned and smiled before saying, “I’m Mynah,” causing Caralynn to wake with a start.  “Mynah,” she repeated.  “Who is-or was-she?  Or is she even real?”  I must talk to Auntie today.  What did Father think was so important to keep it in a bank vault in Bern? ……
…… Marie took her time reading the letter and laid it on her lap when she finished and thought a moment before saying anything.

“Have you dreamed, my dear?”
“How did you know?” Caralynn gasped.

“Your mother did as well.  It is what drew her into the field she chose to study.  Your father read the legacy and told Peter it must be preserved.  That is why it’s in a vault in Bern.  I know you have many questions, and I’ll do my best to help you, but only you can release this troubled soul.  She has made her choice.”
“What makes you believe I’m the only one who can release her earthy ties?”

“Your studies have taught you how to unravel the past to find this poor woman’s remains and return them to a place of peaceful rest.  I remember when you were deciding what university to attend; Peter asked what you would study.  You answered you wanted to earn a doctorate in archeology, as your parents had, to follow in their footsteps.  Alex and Rosa were working to bring peace to this troubled soul when tragedy struck.  They were on their way to Crete to find out more about the Minoan civilization, but I don’t think the answer lies there.”
“Will you go to Bern with me?  Will you help me look at my parents’ work?  Maybe together we can unravel the threads of time and bring peace to our family.  I don’t want to leave this to another generation.”

An author’s note:

I’m using an excerpt from Brimstone and Water with the idea it is a teaser to intrigue people to purchase and read the novel while not giving away the life journey of two women of very different times that share a blood line.  Will the strategy work?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime I continue to seek out bookstores, libraries, book clubs, fairs, and events to be a speaker and sell books. 

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