Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blogging and Promoting

    Several times I have wondered what the next step should be for promoting my novels.  Writing a story is something that spills across a page and a natural progression to the story emerges.  Successful promoting of that story to the reader to purchase and enjoy that story does not flow with natural progression.  A million copies best seller is less than the population of Detroit, Michigan, yet few attain that magic number which puts the author’s name on the lips of book reviewers and talk show hosts across the country. 

     A publisher’s marketing department is overwhelmed with new releases on a daily basis that  precludes individual attention to each new book entering a highly competitive market.  Authors are encouraged to create a short one or two sentence description of the story and possibly use an interview coach to help promote their novels.  Currently the internet is becoming one of the biggest promotion tools available.  But, what is the most cost effective use of this tool?
    I have found followings on Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular internet social networks in the world.  These two networks allow the member to interact with peers and set up pages that attract others to read and comment on postings.  These networks also allow members to post links to their web pages, blogs and directly to their novel as well as upload pictures of the cover within the post. The catch to each of these networks is to post fresh information at least two or three times a week to remain current and interesting to followers.  Once posted the comment is open for the world to read and critique. 

    Another network is Linkedin.com where several members are involved in groups commenting on subjects of interest to a broad spectrum of professionals. I belong to four writers groups at this time and have found interesting comments and advice from several members that are helpful along with encouragement and suggestions to strive for excellence in my work.  As with Twitter and Facebook, it is essential to remain current with the groups to remain a recognized voice about the subject being discussed.

    A blog is a way to express thoughts beyond the novels in publication.  A Google blog spot gives the blogger the ability to be “googled” and have information appear under my name as an author along with what books are included in my repertoire.  A blog also brings the responsibility to update regularly to keep fresh ideas flowing.  More people see the blog as time progresses and some become members because the subject matter interests them and in time may become interested in reading my novels.

     Each day brings a fresh challenge to continue writing new stories while working to promote those works that are completed and in the market place.  Book clubs need to be contacted, another rotary or lion’s club approached, and a list of places where I would like to be seen and heard needs to be emailed to my marketer weekly.  New speeches need to be created so speaking engagements don’t become stale.  All of these things are out of my comfort zone, but I have to push myself to make them happen if people are going to purchase and read my stories. 

    The above are all integrated tools to bring a novel to fruition in the market of reader’s choice.  A well written novel will be deemed a page turner, but the reader will be the final judge of a story.  First and foremost he/she needs to know the story is in the market place and to have their interest peaked by the publicity generated using all the marketing tools available.