Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Keeping the Momentum Going

In the last few months I have found it difficult to keep my enthusiasm at a peak.   As a result it is difficult to maintain the momentum to advertise, write or seek out new venues to sell.  My latest novel is not in production at this time as I feel it is time to find a publisher that doesn’t require up front $’s for marketing with two published novels on the shelves.  Three or four thousand dollars is not a lot of money in today’s world; however, it is a lot of money for most authors. 
That same money can be spent on a publicist that will do a lot of the marketing tasks to put the author’s name before the public, but again is the money available to work with.  The world of writing can become a money pit with often disappointing results.  Do I sound cynical, perhaps a bit when sales are down; the economy is on the verge of collapse and the last thing the public is concerned about with Congress holding the budget hostage is purchasing a relatively unknown author’s book. 
Self-publishing in recent years has overwhelmed the market place and many really good novels are going unnoticed. The market is flooded with a plethora of new releases on such an overwhelming scale the reading public is at a loss to discover that special book that is well written and fulfills the genre desired.  Trying to see the tree for the forest has many running in circles using the same routine to market their wares with little success. 
Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads page, WEB site, email blasts are basic forums to advertise our work.  Now it’s time to think outside the box as the saying goes in today’s corporate world.  Now is the time to apply that thinking to draw in the reading public to focus on my novels, my blog and the venues that will lead to these ends.  I started out by saying my momentum is slow of late and I need an injection of enthusiasm to work the public.  The only way to do that is to resolve to put in the time to research new horizons and travel the path less taken.
I have spent the money to hire an editor for “Return to Nineveh” and will soon have the manuscript back ready to review and update before sending queries to the few publishing firms taking unsolicited historical/romance manuscripts at this time.  The work must be polished and ready for publication with little needed to bring it up to the set standards of traditional publishing houses.  During this time it is imperative to look at venues to sell to further enhance my chances as an unknown with a publishing house that will risk capital on my manuscript becoming a book that will sell.

I can only say: please pray the search is successful for both these tasks.

Best of luck in your marketing – keep up the momentum.