Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looking for the Right Ending: A “Cliff Hanger” or Finale

   I am working on the sequel to “They All Fall Down” and have discovered it isn’t easy to decide where to end the story.  Should it be at the end of the North African campaign when the Allies defeated Rommel’s army or should it end on the brink to the invasion of Italy?  The answer could affect how well the book will do in the market place. 

   Many authors will leave their audience with a “cliff hanger” when a second, third or even fourth book is to follow.  The history of World War II isn’t going to change; on the other hand, how characters in the story are affected will make a difference to where the third sequel to this saga will take up the reigns of history. 
   It is important the decision be made with follow through to finish this next novel I have decided to title “Return to Nineveh.”  I chose the title because just as Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh; the soldiers that faced the enemy did not want to see war engulf the world. 
    “Brimstone and Water” was released in May 2012.  It is time to have another novel in the pipeline with my publisher to keep my name at the forefront of recently released books.  It allows the opportunity to be a known face at signings, presentations, and book fairs which builds a following that grows with each new release.  Does it put pressure on the author to write while trying to market the latest book to hit the market?  The answer is yes; however, to become known it is essential to treat writing with the same discipline an executive uses to run a successful business.
   The decision is made and now I must follow through to complete the story.  My time at present is limited and it will require putting aside the desire to play a game on the computer instead of completing the last few chapters.  The research is in place, so that can’t be an excuse to put off how the story will end.  As authors, we are in a self-made business that hinges on what we are willing to put into that business. 
   The next story is already beginning to form in my thoughts and it will soon be time to begin the research necessary to bring the narrative to life.   Until then it is time to burn up the computer keyboard and present “Return to Nineveh” as the next work completed.

Happy Writing to All!